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Outdoor sports, hot professional sporting goods store sales increased by more than 50%
Date: 2017-10-13 22:12:31 Hits: 6038

The weekend morning 10, Qianjiang Evening News reporter arrived at on Fengqi Road, Decathlon outdoor area, saw a lot of customers try hiking shoes. "Tomorrow organization units around West Lake scenic spot on foot, I come to buy double professional hiking shoes."." After 56 years of age, Ms. Tao repeatedly picked up a pair of hiking shoes and a climbing pole. "When this trip comes down and feels good, I have to buy a professional climbing suit again."."

In all categories, hiking and camping goods sell best." Decathlon Fengqi Branch Manager Li Wen said, "in mid July, Xixi had one day to sell more than 100 tents, moisture-proof pad, air cushion sales because sales growth of more than 50% tents. In the past we just put the shelves filled, basically do not need replenishment, but by July this year has sold out of stock."

Li Wen said that during the summer, outdoor sales were off season, but this year's sales were comparable to those of water supplies, up by at least 50% over the same period last year. "Open to the present sales also increased about 30% compared with last year." Decathlon currently has 85 stores in the country, in Shanghai, Beijing shop the best performance from the first half of last year, Hangzhou shop "suddenly looked up", "this year is expected to fall more than 10% product lines will also expand." Due to the sudden increase in sales, Hangzhou stores will also be half a month ahead of the outdoor supplies instead of water supplies, occupy the best sales area.

Jiebai new Wah Yuen is in order to meet the season, specifically the outdoor area closed shop decoration, intended as a key category to create. When the sports hall opened in 2012, there were only 2 brands of outdoor products, and now it expanded to 12 brands. Compared to sports brand inventory, sales decline, outdoor products performance is getting better and better." Operations Manager Lv Yueying said.

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